January 15, 2014

Line Up for Eggslut


The development of Grand Central Market in Downtown LA is an exciting process that I’m happy to be a part of. Our client Eggslut now has lines around the block on Hill Street where it serves top-notch breakfast bites out of its new counter-style stall. I was first approached by Eggslut co-owner Alvin Cailan when he was running a very successful, breakfast-focused food truck in Downtown LA. I was eager to get involved in the development of Grand Central Market. Eggslut had already been in negotiations with the Market, but there was one hurdle. We needed to help them maintain existing non-conforming rights for open-air dining. The problem was that Eggslut had been closed for more than 90 days, at which point the Health Department dissolves all existing non-conforming rights.

The grandfathering process was causing major delays for Eggslut, but fortunately, we were able to secure the proper permits and get Alvin and his team up and running fast. We’re working on getting several other businesses into Grand Central Market, so look for exciting developments there this year and beyond.