August 25, 2018

ABC License Los Angeles

FE Design & Consulting has extensive experience helping businesses get their ABC license in Los Angeles.

If your business serves or is planning to serve beer, wine, and/or liquor, you will require an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license. There is great demand for these permits across the city, and licenses to sell a complete range of alcoholic beverages are offered only in limited quantities. In many cases, businesses acquire these licenses via a secondary market, in which current holders offer licenses for sale to new businesses. However, even if you are able to obtain a license via this secondary market, you will have to transfer it into your name before you can use it.


The application and transfer processes are complex, and mistakes can severely disrupt your business operations or even threaten to put your enterprise out of business altogether. At FE Design & Consulting, we have many years of experience helping establishments obtain ABC licenses in Los Angeles. We’ve been working to help local businesses navigate the complexities of the municipal, county, and state licensing requirements since 2003, and ABC licenses are one of our key areas of specialization.


One proven strategy we recommend is to have your local planning and zoning applications filed and active before you commence the ABC licensure process. This is because state officials will not issue alcoholic beverage licenses to businesses with unresolved zoning ordinance compliance issues, so providing documented proof of your adherence to these laws is critical to the success of your application.

We are able to secure ABC licenses in Los Angeles about twice as fast the state-average processing time.

By and large, state officials will grant your request for an ABC license if your business is not likely to create a problem for law enforcement. However, it is far easier to obtain a beer or wine license than a full license that also permits liquor service, so if you’re looking for a complete license, we suggest starting the application process as far in advance as possible.

To that end, our complete team of proven professionals is here to assist you. Because we have so much experience with ABC licenses in Los Angeles, our experts are usually able to obtain approval on your behalf about twice as fast as the state average processing time. To learn more, or to arrange a consultation session, please don’t hesitate to contact us.