August 25, 2018

Permit Expeditor Los Angeles

Trust our experts when you need a permit expeditor in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2003, FE Design & Consulting has grown to become the most trusted permit expeditor in Los Angeles. In this city, businesses need to meet demanding city, county, and state code standards, and navigating the many different requirements is a complex process. Our team is here to help you avoid the costly business interruptions that can result from accidental noncompliance.


The first thing we’ll do is get to know your business, evaluating all aspect of your operations and location to build a comprehensive list of the permits you need. Then, we’ll help prepare your paperwork and leverage our extensive knowledge of the various permit-issuing city, county, and state departments. This will ensure your applications are filed and processed in an accurate and timely manner.


We can help with:



  • Health Department standards and permits: Arrange plan checks, optimize kitchen designs to boost health and safety, improve sustainability standards, secure industrial waste permits, and more.
  • Building and safety standards permits: Ensure your business complies with all signage, site safety, transportation, waste, and building code standards. We can also help you interpret codes and statutes to avoid discrepancies and misunderstandings.
  • Alcohol licenses: You will need an alcoholic beverage control (ABC) license if you’re planning to serve beer, wine, or liquor. Our extensive experience makes this otherwise complicated process far easier and much less stressful.
  • Police permits: Businesses with dancing and live entertainment also need special police permits, which we can secure on your behalf.



Our comprehensive suite of services also includes consulting support, including preliminary health inspections and permit policy education for entrepreneurs. With our help, you’ll enjoy a smooth, interruption-free journey toward realizing the exciting vision you have for your business.

Let us be your permit expeditor in Los Angeles so you can focus on the creative aspects of business development.

When you choose us to be your permit expeditor in Los Angeles, you’ll free yourself to concentrate on the creative aspects of business planning. Focus on developing the things that will differentiate your enterprise from its competitors, and leave the technical aspects of business development to us.

To arrange a detailed consultation, or to learn more about our company and its services, please contact us.