April 10, 2019

Permit Consulting Services Los Angeles

Can your business benefit from permit consulting services in Los Angeles?

The permitting process often presents Los Angeles business owners with significant challenges. Navigating it is notoriously difficult, with complex rules, regulations, and application procedures marking just the beginning of the thick red tape. Many entrepreneurs have had their hopes dashed because of improperly prepared permit applications. If you lack expertise in this area, our Los Angeles permit consulting services can be a big help.


Some of the major permitting pitfalls business owners encounter include:


  • Improperly researched building histories that fail to reveal illegal modifications or past violations
  • Inaccurate occupancy projections
  • Illegal seating plans
  • Business visions that are inconsistent with local zoning and land use requirements
  • Food preparation facilities and kitchen designs that fall short of health and safety codes
  • Inadequate fire evacuation plans
  • Building addition or modification plans that would not meet municipal safety requirements


If you’re not 100% sure where you stand with these or any other planning and site development issues, our Los Angeles permit consulting services can help.

FE Design & Consulting offers the most complete suite of permit consulting services in Los Angeles.

At FE Design & Consulting, we maintain a staff of dedicated professionals with extensive experience helping business owners navigate city permitting requirements. We assist with:


  • Occupancy analysis and site feasibility studies
  • Health and safety consulting for kitchens, seating areas, and emergency situations
  • Liquor licenses
  • Building permits
  • Waste disposal plans and technicalities
  • Los Angeles building standards and code interpretation assistance
  • Planning, zoning, and land use issues
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Plan checks
  • Site accessibility and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


A single oversight in any of these areas can set back your business launch by weeks or months, or result in the temporary or permanent shutdown of your operations. When you work with our experts, you leave nothing to chance. Our professionals use proven strategies, creative workarounds, and thorough attention to detail to ensure your permit applications stand the best chance of getting approved.


We also leverage close working relationships with officials in a multitude of municipal departments, helping expedite your permits and get you on your way to business ownership faster and with fewer hassles.

If you’re ready to break through the red tape, or if you need assistance with a site planning, zoning, feasibility, or permit procurement issue, please contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.