December 5, 2018

Los Angeles Sidewalk Seating Permit

Do you need a Los Angeles sidewalk seating permit? Are you wondering how to navigate the application process? We can help!

In Los Angeles, private businesses that plan to erect seating areas on sidewalks and other spaces where members of the public have the right of way must apply to the city for a specialized type of permit. Officially known as a Revocable Permit or an R-Permit, a Los Angeles sidewalk seating permit is required in any instance in which your seating area might infringe upon or otherwise obstruct public passage on city-owned property.


Essentially, a Los Angeles sidewalk seating permit represents official permission from the city that allows your business to partially encroach on a public right-of-way. In some circumstances, a Revocable Permit is also used to facilitate the placement of privately owned structures that do not technically occupy a public passageway, but are placed in a spot that serves as a de facto public right-of-way because of topography or similar factors.


In considering R-Permit applications, city officials primarily evaluate the character of the neighborhood, and look at whether or not other businesses in the immediate area already have seating sections extending into public spaces. If there are no other establishments with seating areas or other privately owned obstructions extending onto public passageways, municipal authorities tend to ask business owners to formally poll local residents to gauge potential support or opposition to their proposal.


Business owners sometimes seek R-Permits in conjunction with other forms of municipal documentation, such as Conditional Use Permits. If you’re facing a complicated permit application process, or if you’re looking for other forms of professional restaurant consulting in Los Angeles, the FE Design & Consulting team is here to help.

Trust our proven expertise in securing Los Angeles sidewalk seating permits.

The FE Design & Consulting staff has proven expertise in permit procurement. We’ve already helped dozens of businesses secure city documentation, create and refine feasible business plans, and expedite the launch of their commercial operations. Thanks to extensive connections across many different municipal government departments, we can help speed up the permit procurement process. We can also create Los Angeles sidewalk seating permit proposals that stand a strong chance of receiving approval from City Hall decision-makers.

If you have any questions about the Los Angeles sidewalk seating permit process, or if you would like to set up a consultation with one of our in-house experts, please contact us.