April 10, 2019

Los Angeles Pot Dispensary Consulting

Get involved in California’s booming legal cannabis market with the help of our Los Angeles pot dispensary consulting services.

Medical marijuana has been available in California since 1996, and the state recently relaxed prohibitions against the recreational use of cannabis. This has resulted in an explosion of commercial activity related to cannabis cultivation and distribution. However, California officials were careful to build strict regulations into the new legal framework, and this is where our Los Angeles pot dispensary consulting services can be a big help.


The Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation governs all marijuana businesses operating in L.A. County. For business owners, this means you need to comply with a complex set of local laws in addition to state laws. We can help you prepare and submit the permit applications you will need to run a legal cannabis business, but we also stress the importance of thorough planning during your enterprise’s developmental phases.

Our Los Angeles pot dispensary consulting services deliver a complete suite of vital supports for cannabis entrepreneurs.

One of the most crucial aspects of your cannabis business plan revolves around zoning and land use. If your preferred site does not offer the right zoning characteristics, your application will be rejected and the investments you’ve made in developing the business will become sunken costs. Our team is here to conduct a complete site review on your behalf to make sure your request won’t be turned down on zoning grounds.


The in-house cannabis regulations experts at FE Design & Consulting can also:


  • Draft and develop site plans to ensure their full compliance with cannabis-specific regulations
  • Expedite your plans and applications through the various discretionary agencies that will review them, including the Department of Cannabis Regulation, the Department of Health and Safety, and the Fire Department, among others
  • Perform thorough research to ensure there aren’t any undetected problems lurking in your site’s past that could jeopardize your application
  • Represent your business during the cannabis license application process


California’s emerging cannabis industry is an exciting and potentially lucrative space, but it’s also fraught with potential pitfalls for business owners. State officials continue to introduce new license types and permitting requirements as the industry evolves, making it necessary to have a proven Los Angeles marijuana dispensary consulting expert on your business planning team.

We’d be happy to play that role for you. To get started, please contact one of our team members.