April 10, 2019

Los Angeles Liquor License

FE Design & Consulting is here to help make it easy for you to get a Los Angeles liquor license.

Getting a Los Angeles liquor license is no easy feat. State regulations cap the number of new liquor licenses that can be issued in any given year at 25, and as you would expect, competition for those permits is fierce. Officials use a lottery system to determine who gets one, and if Lady Luck wasn’t riding on your shoulders, you have no choice but to get one on the secondary market.


Once you manage to obtain a Los Angeles liquor license, you could also face protests if your application was not submitted in 100% accordance with rigorous standards. This is especially likely if you did not take zoning and land use considerations into close account, and it can result in the reassessment of your application or the revocation of your license. Hiring an experienced Los Angeles liquor license advisor who knows the process and the players involved can help mitigate or eliminate protests and ensure you get or keep your operations running smoothly.


At FE Design & Consulting, we offer affordable, practical solutions to these challenges. With our help, you can get your Los Angeles liquor license far faster, and with fewer risks and hassles.

We provide a complete range of Los Angeles liquor license procurement services.

While we do not deal in the secondary Los Angeles liquor license market directly, we can act as a broker to help match you with a willing vendor who has the type of permit you need. Our expertise can help you avoid overpaying or purchasing a license that doesn’t match your intended use. The State of California issues dozens of different types of alcohol and beverage licenses, and a misstep or misunderstanding could cost you thousands of dollars.


We can also help prepare your alcoholic beverage service application to make it far less likely to trigger a protest situation. Our experts will review every detail with thorough care and precision, making helpful suggestions and improvements before submitting it to officials on your behalf.


Should you require only a Los Angeles ABC license to sell beer and wine, we have good news: this is a particular area of expertise for us. We are typically able to secure ABC licenses twice as fast as it usually takes according to statewide average processing times.

If you have questions about the type of Los Angeles liquor license you need, or if you want some help navigating the application process or the secondary market, we’re here to help. Get in touch and one of our liquor license experts will be happy to help you.