April 10, 2019

Los Angeles Hospitality Permit Consultants

Our Los Angeles hospitality permit consultants have helped dozens of businesses launch, re-launch, and revamp their operations.

FE Design & Consulting has been helping Los Angeles businesses meet their permit procurement needs since 2003. We specialize in the hospitality industry, and embrace a strong focus on helping restaurant, hotel, and bar owners obtain the permits they need to operate in full compliance with local laws.


Over the years, we’ve helped revitalize historic hotels, launch one-of-a-kind eateries, and keep L.A.’s world-famous entertainment scene alive and well. If you’re looking to open or revamp a hotel, bar, or restaurant, trust our proven expertise to help you navigate L.A.’s infamously complicated permitting process.   

FE Design & Consulting’s Los Angeles hospitality permit consultants have answers to all your questions.

We specialize in all aspects of the business permitting process, including everything from Department of Health and Safety standards and permits to building code compliance, zoning and land use issues, and feasibility studies. There are many different subcategories within these areas that hospitality industry business owners must pay particularly close attention to, including:



  • Building standards: If you’re planning to renovate or modify your site, or if you plan to position outdoor seating in an area that fronts onto public passageways, you’ll need to ensure your project meets compliance requirements.
  • Site histories: Especially important with historic buildings, our property title research team can uncover potentially problematic property issues you may not know about.
  • Kitchen designs: Establishments that serve food must meet an elevated set of health and safety standards that take kitchen designs into close consideration. Does your kitchen make the grade?
  • Evacuation plans: Fires, earthquakes, and other emergency situations require you to have a building evacuation plan that conforms to comprehensive requirements.



Given the complexities of the municipal statutes and ordinances surrounding these and other requirements, very few business owners have the savvy and know-how to navigate the process without encountering trouble. Our Los Angeles hospitality permit consultants will help you:


  • Identify potential problems and pitfalls with any aspect of your business plan
  • Remediate issues before you submit applications or invite city inspectors to visit
  • Prepare your applications to ensure their full and complete accuracy
  • Cut through the red tape by using our municipal connections for your benefit

Our goal is to help you get your business up and running quickly and legally with minimal expense. To learn more, or to discuss your unique consulting needs in more detail, please get in touch with a team member.