August 25, 2018

Los Angeles city permits

Los Angeles City Permits

Let us handle your business compliance issues by securing Los Angeles city permits on your behalf.

In Los Angeles, businesses must meet strict and complex requirements issued by various regulatory agencies, including the fire department, public works officials, waste management officials, and the Department of Transportation, among others. You need written permission from all relevant agencies to operate your business, and to perform construction or renovations on commercial property. This is where problems begin for many of our clients: failure to secure even one of the many necessary permits can bring your project to an immediate halt, potentially resulting in costly delays and interruptions.


Our expertise helps you avoid this undesirable situation. The FE Design & Consulting team has deep knowledge of Los Angeles city permits, and the accompanying county and state codes your business must follow. Our team has a unique ability to foresee problems and find solutions before interruptions and delays happen, and we have a proven track record of achieving desirable results on short timeframes.


We can help with:


  • Health and safety permits
  • Building permits
  • Alcohol licenses
  • Police permits


Our team works with clients both in Los Angeles proper, and in municipalities in the surrounding area. We are also fully capable of assisting businesses that need Los Angeles city permits in addition to clearances from county or state authorities.

Our Los Angeles city permits experts also provide consulting services for both new and existing businesses.

Many of our clients seek building permits for construction and renovation project, which inspired us to create a dedicated building standards division. Through this wing of our business, we provide expert consultation services that include:


  • Drawings for preliminary estimates
  • Feasibility studies
  • Occupancy analysis


Our team is also capable of generating detailed drawings for kitchen designs, outdoor seating designs, awnings, and other construction and renovation projects. Taking the time to consult with our professionals can save you many months of labor and tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, as we can help you avoid sinking time and money into something that’s only going to meet with compliance roadblocks.

At FE Design & Consulting, your journey to success always begins with a detailed and thorough assessment of your business, its premises, and its operations. From here, we can identify the exact Los Angeles city permits you will need, and come up with a practical plan for obtaining them quickly. To get started, please contact a member of our client services division.