Los Angeles Building Permits

Our encyclopedic knowledge of Los Angeles building permits is a major asset to local entrepreneurs.

If you’re planning to perform any type of alteration, retrofitting, construction, or repair work to a privately owned building as part of your business launch, you will require Los Angeles building permits before you can make the proposed changes. These permits are issued by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, and the agency’s requirements are notoriously complex and confusing for the uninitiated.


We offer a practical and convenient solution as part of our Los Angeles restaurant consulting services.


Our experienced team includes 15 specialists with extensive expertise in every imaginable area of business planning, design, permitting, and licensure consulting. We are led by “Fast Eddie” Navarrette, an enthusiastic supporter of the entrepreneurial spirit who brings his signature personal touch to every client account.


Fast Eddie and the rest of the FE Design & Consulting team have well-developed relationships with municipal officials in a full range of departments. We leverage these excellent contacts to help secure and expedite Los Angeles building permits, business licenses, and compliance documentation of all types on behalf of our clients.

Consult us before you begin applying for Los Angeles building permits.

We also perform in-depth and insightful site assessments and analyses to guide your decision-making process before you apply for the necessary Los Angeles building permits. Our team can help you plan for success by evaluating the feasibility of your plans and suggesting alternative approaches if we believe they are necessary. We always strive to preserve the integrity of the vision you have for your business while ensuring it works within the parameters of municipal laws and safety regulations.


Specific areas of expertise include:


  • Plan checks
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance
  • Code interpretation
  • Building standards
  • Public works (sidewalk seating and trees)
  • Industrial waste management
  • Department of Transportation compliance
  • Health Department standards and permits
  • Business consulting services


Because the depth and breadth of our knowledge can provide you with an invaluable money-saving tool in the long run, we encourage entrepreneurs to consult us before they apply for Los Angeles building permits. Our guidance can make the process faster, easier, and smoother, helping expedite your construction plans and get you on the road to launching a successful business faster.

Avoid unnecessary risks and prevent municipal authorities from halting construction or even shutting your business down for construction violations. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get started on a custom-tailored plan for your commercial venture.