We can bring your facilities in line with municipal regulations, so you can focus on the more creative aspects of your business journey.


With over 20 years of kitchen design expertise, we have knowledge of the most up-to-date food service equipment and a deep understanding of health department regulations, making us a premier advisor on building code regulations and construction logistics.


Our understanding of the impact of building code standards on the design process allows us to offer excellent design for our clients. We will layout your entire food facility with careful thought on operations and code compliance for various departments.


Industry professionals and aspiring hospitality location seekers look to us for due diligence services. We can guide you on realistic timelines, permit costs, and physical site conditions that will effect your development proposals.

The Department of Building and Safety requires clearance from all governing agencies associated with your development, including the Fire Department, Public Works, Department of Transportation and Waste Management, among others. This is where so many applicants run into problems—it only takes one agency to stop your project in its tracks. Our building standards division provides drawings for preliminary estimates, occupancy analysis and feasibility studies to determine whether your business vision is viable up front. We also provide drawings for building permits, kitchen design, sidewalk seating permits, sign and awning permits. By foreseeing roadblocks and thinking of workarounds, FE Design’s experienced team makes sure you have the best chance at pushing through a perilous process.


We have a proven track record for getting alcohol permits in place, on time. We’ll get you ready to stock your bar and wine cellar before your doors are open.


Conditional use permits, Plan approvals, Zone variances, & Project permit compliance


Live entertainment & dancing


Beer and wine, Full liquor,
License transfers, & Priority drawing

Each City and Municipality has their own way to regulate alcohol service in regards to Planning and Zoning. In the City of LA the most common approval needed from City Planning for alcohol is a Conditional Use Permit. In some cases a Zone Variance is required. If you need help outside LA we are able to decipher which type of City Planning entitlements may be required and we can get that application underway. The State of California has sole authority to regulate the sale of alcoholic beverages. It will not approve an ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) license that violates a local zoning ordinance. The trick is to have your local planning application underway before beginning the ABC process. The State generally approves new beer and wine licenses if it serves public convenience and does not create a police problem for the neighborhood, but licenses to sell a full line of alcoholic beverages are only available once a year in limited numbers. Most establishments rely on a secondary market of existing license holders to obtain a liquor license, but a transfer is still necessary. Our extensive experience filing ABC applications means that, in most cases, we can obtain approval twice as fast as the state average.