August 25, 2018

Building Permits in Los Angeles

Building Permits in Los Angeles

Our experts are here to help you navigate the complexities and technicalities of securing building permits in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles businesses face daunting levels of bureaucratic red tape when it comes to securing the permits and permissions they need to perform construction or renovations. The problem is that even a small mistake or unintentional oversight can bring your project to an immediate halt, costing you money or potentially endangering the continued operation of your business. The FE Design & Consulting team is here to help you avoid that situation by providing complete support for building permits in Los Angeles.


We provide assistance for building permits in three main categories:



  • City planning: We’ll help you secure the necessary conditional use permits, zone variances, plan approvals, and project compliance documentations from city officials.
  • Health standards permits: If your business includes a kitchen or generates industrial waste, we can help you optimize your designs and operations for enhanced safety and secure the operational permits you need to continue without interruption.
  • Building and safety permits: In addition to building codes, your business will also have to comply with accessibility, seating, and transportation statutes, among others. We will help you get there.



Because black-and-white answers to permit and compliance concerns are not always possible, we are also available to perform feasibility studies and site assessments. With our experts on your side, you can anticipate and overcome challenges before they happen, and avoid mistakes and oversights that could put a costly snag in your construction plans.

Don’t take chances. Leave the work to us when it comes to securing building permits in Los Angeles.

The FE Design & Consulting team has been helping Los Angeles businesses navigate the complexities of permit procurement since 2003. Since that time, we have earned an excellent reputation for success, and developed many relationships with city, county, and state officials. Our experts can help you interpret ambiguous aspects of the law and apply with confidence for the permits you need to realize the full potential of your business.

To learn more about how our technical knowledge and expertise have helped Los Angeles businesses thrive, please review some of our case studies. Then, if you have questions about building permits in Los Angeles or would like to arrange a detailed consultation with one of our experts, please contact us for further information.