February 26, 2021

FE Advocacy: Emergency Ordinance Passes PLUM Committee

We did it. When we come together and use our collective voice, we can achieve what it is that we need. The Planning & Land Use Management Committee of Los Angeles City Council approved the Emergency Ordinance (CF 20-0380-S1) with our urged amendments and even MORE. Big thanks to all who sent in letters of support and showed up to speak during Tuesday’s PLUM meeting call.  While this is a huge victory, the fight is not yet over. This Ordinance still needs to be heard and approved by the full City Council before it goes into effect. Before this can happen, the final ordinance needs to be drafted by City Attorney, Mike Feuer.  Join us in calling on the city … Continued

February 11, 2021

FE Advocacy: Why Restaurants Need This Emergency Ordinance to Pass

This would allow existing and new operators to remodel, expand and start anew in any existing building regardless of local zoning restrictions. This will further help decrease city staff time in deciphering complicated parking restrictions during the plan check process. The second part of this Ordinance will automatically renew your Conditional Use Permit (City Alcohol Permit or CUP) if expired during COVID-19, and therefore, postponing costly permit and professional legal fees until after the closures have been retracted. If you’ve ever been challenged by impossible parking requirements to open your businesses, then you know that this is big news. But we need the inclusion of patios so that this Ordinance addresses post-COVID dining culture needs. All Al Fresco permits will … Continued



January 14, 2021

Reflections from Fast Eddie Going into 2021

2020 impacted all of us, but most commonly, it has introduced us to an opportunity for Change. As we are all beginning the new year, I reflect on who I am: I earned the name “Fast Eddie” at age 16, performing at Raji’s in Hollywood as a touring punk-rock drummer. Then in my early 20s, I was an undefeated-champion bike jouster on the streets of 7th and Santa Fe, while for work, I barbacked at the infamous Three Clubs. The LA artist community has always been close to my heart, inspired first by an LA underground rock-club institution called Jabberjaw. Constantly getting shut down by the Fire Marshall, I used my day job as a kitchen designer to research its … Continued



November 18, 2020

Action Needed: City Considers Over-the-Counter Alcohol Permits

Tomorrow, City Council (PLUM) will FINALLY hear the Restaurant Beverage Program. This is an over-the-counter, extremely less expensive process for alcohol permits (CUB). The ordinance is inclusive of full liquor privileges making it accessible to existing full liquor operators looking to make changes to their operations. We have been fighting for this item since 2017. Now, more than ever, we need for this to be approved! Neighborhood councils strongly oppose it and will show up to tomorrow’s meeting. We NEED the restaurant community to show up to push this forward.  For anyone of you who have had to sit through a neighborhood council meeting, hire an expensive expeditor, wait 1-2 years for your CUB letter, bullied to have additional parking by ‘neighborhood vigilantes’; this ordinance, if … Continued



September 14, 2020

Tell the Board of Supervisors: We Need the RESTAURANTS Act

After much effort we have FINALLY received the attention of our LA County Supervisors. There is a very important vote before them tomorrow whether or not to support the RESTAURANTS Act of 2020. The Board of Supervisors NEED to hear support from our Hospitality community or their support will die.

September 11, 2020

The Liquor License Lottery is here!

Hello hospitality friends,  The 2020 ABC Priority Drawing (AKA the “Liquor License Lottery”) is here!  As you all know, purchasing a full alcohol license can be very expensive – even during COVID-19. However, once a year, the ABC issues a few new “original” licenses and holds a drawing to see who gets them. These new licenses are much cheaper than those at the typical fair market price, so people refer to the Priority Drawing as “The Lottery.” The ABC will hold a second drawing on the same day that allows applicants to search for a license within a different county with lower fair market prices. The ABC refers to this one as the “Inter-County Transfer” Drawing.  Here are the highlights:  The registration … Continued